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New Jersey Cabinet Painting
Hoboken Kitchen Cabinet Painting.jpg
Before painting the cabinets

Before painting the cabinets


Painting Kitchen Cabinets in Hoboken

We love being the go-to Hoboken kitchen cabinet painter because the client is always speechless at the results. This client had recently replaced their countertop and was looking to update the rest of the kitchen to match the new modern vibe. We quickly removed all doors and drawers fronts so we could spray them off-site with multiple coats of Benjamin Moore cabinet coat. With careful sanding in between the coats we returned to paint the built-in cabinet webbing and reinstall the doors. The difference between the before and after is so drastic the client wasn’t even sure they were the same cabinets! As Hoboken kitchen cabinet painting contractors we have seen the impact a cabinet color change can make on the whole kitchen. We are proud of this project in particular because we felt honored to be the last step in the client’s kitchen remodel.

Hoboken Cabinet Painter
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West New York Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Transforming wood cabinets one home at a time. This time we were in the Hoboken / West New York area of New Jersey. The owner went with Benjamin Moore's Simply White for the cabinets and we think they turned out simply beautiful. Painting your kitchen cabinets is a quick way to brighten up your kitchen. No matter how dark your wood cabinets are or what kind of wood or veneer they're made out of, we can paint them. Considering painting your cabinets? Click here to schedule a free estimate.

Brooklyn Cabinet Painter
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Park Slope Kitchen Cabinet Painting

We refreshed these Park Slope apartment cabinets back in early March this year. We sprayed each door with 5 coats of paint, sanding between each coat. We love how these turned out. So bright and renewed. The client chose elegant new hardware that definitely changed the vibe of the kitchen.

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