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Real Estate Agent and Investor Painting Services in New York and New Jersey


Licensed and Insured Move-in, Move-out painters

In this hot real estate every moment that a rental property doesn’t have tenants or a for sale property isn’t on the market is potential revenue lost. Having a reliable painting contractor in your pool of vendors can expedite your process without the headache of worrying about quality or getting ripped off.

Got a tenant moving out on the 29th and need the place painted before the new tenant moves in on the 1st? We can be there for you. Don’t always trust that the building super/porter/handyman has the skills, tools, insurance and reviews to provide a quality paint job.

We have designed a seamless painting process for agents, and out of state investors/owners. We stand behind our work 100%.

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Estate Sale Painters

Estate property sales can be an emotional and tough process. Getting all affairs in order can be draining. Freshening up the property for sale is most likely the last thing on your mind. Take one task off your plate with a quick make over paint job. Most homes can be painted in 1-2 days.

Property Rehab Painters

After investing in a new investment property you need trusted skilled painters to put the finishing touches on it to prepare to lease it out or sell it.

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