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Punch List Services in New York and New Jersey

Punch List Services Contractor in New York & New Jersey


When a construction project nears completion a punch list document is created in order to make sure all final items are accomplished so the contracting company can get paid. Sometimes a building owner will retain a percentage of the contract value in order to hire another company to fix anything that might have been missed or damaged once the original contractor finishes. 

In the case of a new apartment building, project managers will walk each apartment assembling a list of items that need to be completed in the final days of a project. Items such as caulking baseboards or painting a bathroom door will be added to a list. Then the representatives of the building's owner will walk the apartments also creating a list and the 2 lists will be combined into a final punch list. 


Success Story: The One - Jersey City

After construction of the apartments was virtually complete one of the sprinkler pipes burst and flooded many apartments. Pavarini Construction called us to repair all damage and complete the punch list. We replaced flooring, cabinets, sheetrock, tiling, closet doors, and hardware. Once all those items were replace we plastered and painted the apartments making them like new again. 

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