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Commercial Power Washing in NYC and NJ

Commercial Power Washing in New York and New Jersey


Commercial Hydroblasting Company

From surface preparation to exterior building cleaning, Paintworks and Decorating does it all. We have the equipment, personnel and training to hydro blast most surfaces.  We know that commercial buildings and walkways need to have a professional appearance so let us help you keep it that way with our power washing services. 

Interior and Exterior Power Washing

Interior or exterior surfaces can be power washed. From blasting away rust off of metal railings to power washing a showroom's concrete floor. This process is flexible due to the ability of the operator to increase or decrease the water pressure being used.  

Looking to freshen up your storefront? Wondering if your dirty or rusted over surface can be power washed? Contact us today for a free quote!

Free Commercial Hydro Blasting Estimates in New York and New Jersey