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Metal Window Frame Painting in NYC & NJ

Metal Window Frame and Metal Paneling Painting in New York and New Jersey


Licensed and Insured Electrostatic Window Frame Painters

Noticed scratches on your metal window frames? Or do you see sections of your window frame where the paint has worn off? Maybe you want to refresh your window area. No matter what the case, Paintworks and Decorating has experience all types of metal window frames. 

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Interior and Exterior Metal Window Frame Painters

Inside or out we can make your window frames look like new. Painting the window mullions takes proper preparation, the right paint, and the electrostatic spray machine that ensures that the new paint will bond to the metal.

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Aluminum Window Frame Painting Contractor

The pictures above show two of the possibilities when painting window frames. Painting them the same color as your walls can lead to a seamless transition from wall to window. We have painted metal window frames in loft apartments, retail stores, penthouses, converted warehouses and more. Curious about options for painting your window frames? Call us or click below to get in touch.

Interior and Exterior Metal Paneling Painting

Protect your building’s metal paneling inside and out with proper maintenance painting and cleaning. We use the correct industrial products that protect metal from sun, water, snow, ice - with the experience to apply them correctly.

Free Window Frame and Metal Painting Estimates