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Long Island City Painter

Long Island City Painter


Licensed and Insured Home Painters in Long Island City

As a Home painting company in Long Island City with one of our main offices in the city, we know the dramatic transformation the city is undergoing. With stunning views of the Manhattan skyline, your home should match the beauty of the views. We have painted waterfront condos, apartments as well as walk up buildings inside and out. 

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Interior and Exterior Painters in Long Island City

Choosing the right colors for your interior paint job is crucial in giving you home the desired vibe. We have local knowledge with painting expertise. Whether looking to paint your bathroom, hallway, living room, dining room, kitchen, kitchen cabinets, and even your PTAC, furnace covers, we can paint it all. We’re a leading residential and commercial painting contractor in the Long Island City.

Long Island City Painting Contractor

We’ve painted restaurants and retail stores like T-Mobile and Starbucks. When looking for a Long Island City home painter, credentials, communication, and a solid portfolio are key deciding factors. Paintworks & Decorating is a team of Long Island City apartment painters that are dedicated to their craft. We pride ourselves in the most responsive communication in the industry. We are EPA certified and have over 150 - Five star reviews from real clients.

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