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Farrow & Ball is one of the premier paint manufactures in the scene. Their unique palette of colors is made from techniques they perfected in the late 1940's. They are true masters of their craft. When using Farrow & Ball's high end paints, attention to detail is critical. Wall preparation must be as close to perfect as possible. 

We have painted many homes and businesses with Farrow & Ball and know every trick of the trade to make this one of kind paint achieve its truest and richest form. Because Farrow & Ball uses a complex blend of rich pigments and other fine ingredients, a professional painter with experience using Farrow Ball's is needed to make sure everything turns out perfect. 

Using Farrow & Ball's high quality is a great investment in your home's beauty.

Living room walls painted with Farrow & Ball Cabbage White

Living room walls painted with Farrow & Ball Cabbage White

Painting the walls and ceilings of your home is an effective ways to breathe new energy into your space. Color has a huge effect on a room.

We have painted studio apartments in the Village, penthouses in Williamsburg, and large homes in Nassau County, Riverdale, Montclair and Westchester county. In New York, NYC, or New Jersey we handle the entire interior painting process. We give you an accurate quote with a written break down of the project scope. We cover all furniture and flooring. We prep all walls (fixing any holes or dry wall imperfections). We paint with preciseness. We walk through the project with you making sure everything is perfect.

At the end of the day we want you to walk into your freshly painted room and say WOW. 

Are you ready to energize or relax your space?