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Electrostatic Painting in New York

Electrostatic Painting in New York and New Jersey


Commercial & Industrial Electrostatic Painter

Electrostatic painting is one of the most accurate, non-costly, and environmentally friendly ways of painting metal equipment, furniture and surfaces. By positively charging the paint particles coming from the sprayer and negatively charging the grounded metal fixture, the paint is magnetically attracted to the surface.

Advantages to Electrostatic Painting

  • Seamlessly bonds paint to metal surfaces.
  • Less paint is wasted.
  • Every spot receives an even coat of paint.
  • The finish is smooth looking and smooth to the touch.
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Professional Electrostatic Spray Painting Company

Paintworks & Decorating has electrostatically sprayed elevator doors, metal window frames, PTAC, furnaces, hvac covers, metal desks, exterior metal paneling and more.   


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