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Drywall repair in NYC and NJ

Drywall Repair Contractor in New York and New Jersey


Licensed and Insured Drywall Contractors

Accidentally make a hole in your wall? Starting to notice cracks in the walls or ceiling? Maybe you see a wet spot in the dry wall? No matter what the issues is, Paintworks & Decorating is fully qualified to help you fix or replace any drywall problems you have.   

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Drywall Hole Repair Specialists

Moving, kids, pets, champagne parties, let's face it there's many ways holes can be created in your walls. Life happens. We can get it fixed fast. We make it look like nothing happened.

Surface Preparation Masters

In order to get a beautifully painted space, the proper preparation must be done. We never cut corners when it comes to surface prep. We clean the surface then plaster and sand all cracks correctly. All gaps will be caulked. We want your walls and ceilings to look fantastic therefore the first step is crucial. 

Free Drywall Repair Estimates in New York and New Jersey