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Cobble Hill Home Painter

Cobble Hill Home Painter


Licensed and Insured Home Painters in Cobble Hill

When looking for a home painter in Cobble Hill it is important to consider reviews, EPA certification, if the company is insured, and if they have experience working in the type of space you’re looking to paint. Paintworks & Decorating is a fully insured, EPA certified, 5 star rated experienced Cobble Hill apartment brownstone painting company. 

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Interior and Exterior Painters in Cobble Hill

We pride ourselves in clean cuts around trim and ceilings. We cover all flooring and furniture to ensure we leave your home spotless. When painting the interior of an apartment, preparation of the surface is crucial. When hiring a painting company it’s important to set the right expectations when it comes to the finished wall or ceiling surface. Communication must be effective so that you, the client, are happy with the finished product.

Cobble Hill Painting Contractor

When thinking of surface preparation, important questions to ask yourself are: What are the imperfections in my walls and ceilings and to what extend do they bother me? Are you a perfectionist who wants an immaculate wall with no blemishes? Skim Coating or Level 5 as it’s commonly called is the option you want. Skim coating is a time intensive process but the beautiful finished product is worth it. If you are someone that just wants the major cracks and holes fixed, then you want to opt for the Standard or you can choose the “As is” option, which will save you time and money. 

At the end of the day we want you to walk into your freshly painted home and say WOW. 

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