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Manhattan Commercial Office Painting

Financial District Interior Painting

Research has shown that attractive, well-organized office environments are more likely to promote healthy, productive, satisfied employees. We don't really need many studies to know that dust, dirt and errant air particles on computers and keyboards are not especially conducive to their functioning at peak performance. Leaning heavily on these tidbits of research and knowledge, the Paintworks crew went to this expansive Manhattan tech firm office to transform their ceilings, trim and walls into a smooth, clean, freshly painted interior with a specially formulated high traffic paint. The first order of business was smothering the desks, computers, chairs and workstations in impermeable plastic, then covering the floor as well. We toted in paint cans, ladders, buckets, stir sticks, long handled rollers, brushes, breathing masks and more.


We don't know if the staff got an unexpected vacation to a tropical island, worked from home or set up laptops at Blue Bottle Coffee, Cafe Grumpy or Birch Coffee. Maybe they hung out at LaPetite Cave or City Acres Market while we worked. And work we did. Our marching orders included painting the ceilings, all the walls, the trim and spaces between windows and above window sills - kind of everywhere that paint was appropriate. It's the kind of job where we break a sweat, keep everything safe and protected and depart with all our stuff and that satisfied feeling of our own for a job well done.