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5th Avenue Apartment Painting
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High End Home Demands High End Painters

Fifth Avenue radiates elegance, class and sophistication from its name, geography - running north to south across all of Manhattan - shopping and sightseeing. Abercrombie & Fitch, Christie's, Armani, Saks Fifth Avenue, Gucci, J. Crew and Tiffany & Co. line this famous street. The Empire State Building is anchored here, along with The Metropolitan Museum of Art and St. Patrick's Cathedral. With company like this, the real estate has to shine as well. We went into an ultra luxurious apartment going up for sale to apply fresh coats of Benjamin Moore's Aura colors like elegant pewter gray in the master bedroom. In many refined circles, gray is the new black in interior design. In the glorious colors of sea gull wings with large windows bringing in natural daylight, this would be your first peek at the world each morning.

 The 2-bedroom home features a corner living room with copious natural light streaming in on hardwood floors and contemporary furnishings. Here our Paintworks crew rolled and painted a soft cream paint like pale chamois, which provided the perfect enchanting contrast to the hardwood floors. Any address this sophisticated requires painters with experience and appreciation for exquisite workmanship.