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Brooklyn Tile Floor Makeover
During the paint stripping process

During the paint stripping process

After we painted the floor

After we painted the floor

 Park Slope Office Tile Floor Restoration

Compass is a real estate company with a purpose whose mission is to help everyone find their place in the world. "With the solutions-driven mindset of a startup and the sophistication of a luxury brand, Compass is the future of real estate," according to its website. Founded in New York City, Compass now has offices coast to coast, and the Brooklyn real estate office in the Park Slope neighborhood called us in because they understand the importance of first impressions underfoot in their conference room. We diligently removed old white paint from this classy small square tile floor, then repainted it jet black for an elegant edge in a contemporary meeting space. Buying and selling real estate in the Big Apple is serious business with some serious price tags, and Compass values the high quality workmanship, reliability and experience that Paintworks & Decorating delivers.

Brooklyn Commercial Maintenance Painter
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Painting The Interior of Brooklyn Private School Poly Prep

Maintaining a school of any size can be quite the challenge with kids and staff running around on a daily basis. When Poly Prep called us it was during their summer break as they were looking to refresh the school before the next school year. The great thing about hiring painting contractors as needed for a facility like this is the flexibility. Whether they want to paint all or part of the school, we are there for them. The above pictures show a recently painted classroom, dance studio, and common area. We fix any wear and tear on the walls and trim before painting with high-traffic paint. We have the scaffolding and experience to complete tricky projects that are typically involved with maintenance painting. Throughout the school's offseason we were always available to prep and paint before the current condition of any wall or ceiling got too bad. This is a beautiful school rich with historic details that need to be maintained and cared for properly. We are honored to work on a school that has impacted lives in the community for over 150 years.