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Midtown East Condo Painted

Painting White to Sell Property

The enduring appeal of white paint lies not only in its clean fresh appearance, but also in the high light reflection factor which adds dimension and expanded space perception to a room. One Midtown East homeowner was totally in tune with this when he called us to repaint the apartment before a move south. First we removed cracked and peeling caulking around baseboards and crown molding, then we applied our best professional quality paint and painting expertise. The Paintworks & Decorating crew even cleaned the bathroom grout, leaving this beautiful high rise condo refreshed, appealing and totally ready for new owners, fabrics, art work, textures and furnishings. The seller is, and the buyer will be, very satisfied with this immaculate space.

Upper East Side Interior Painting
Manhattan Upper East Side Painter.jpeg

Manhattan Dining Room and Hallway Painter

After a few weeks on the market this couple on the Upper East Side called us to help freshen up their home. With multiple young children running around, the walls in the hallway and dining room looked a little worn and dirty. After lightly cleaning the walls we painted the walls with Benjamin Moore Scuff X to help withstand the high traffic and constant touching. Scuff X is also very resistant to scuffs and is easy to wipe off any marks which made it the perfect product for this apartment while it is being viewed by prospective buyers. The dining room looks refreshed and clean with natural light pouring in.