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Warehouse Painter NYC
Long Island City Warehouse Painter.jpg

Painting Industrial Warehouses in Long Island City

The industrial scene was already burgeoning in Long Island City well before the announcement of the new Amazon headquarters. With quick access to Manhattan, Bronx, and Queens, Long Island City is an ideal place to have an industrial or commercial facility.

Paintworks and Decorating has painted many warehouses in L.I.C. We had an especially good time helping to refresh this warehouse used by a telecommunications company. The warehouse was looking grungey as the walls were dirty with years of work and very little cleaning. There was failing paint everywhere. Using multiple high powered spray machines and scissor lifts we were able to renew the warehouse with fresh paint very quickly.

Upper East Side New Home Painter
Upper East Side Apartment Painter.jpeg

The Bold Blue Den - Manhattan Apartment Painting

Stepping out, being bold and taking a risk can be applied to homeownership as well as interior colors. Buying property is adulting at its peak, making a serious investment and becoming an integral community member. Color is one of the most powerful tools in the homeowner's toolbox without a cord or battery pack. It can create mood, enlarge or shrink the perception of space and stimulate the senses.

New homeowners in Manhattan's Upper East Side recently contracted with locally-owned Paintworks & Decorating to color their new crib. One room especially evokes an eyebrow-lifting wow factor for its monochromatic blue theme. The walls, trim and doors are all smoothly coated with a brave medium dusky blue that tinges the horizon just before sunrise or sunset begins to glow. The space evokes the warmth of your favorite blue jeans coupled with a sense of adventure like riding waves at Rockaway Beach or bouldering in Central Park.

 As daylight changes, lighting alters color, and what looks one way under fluorescent lighting can appear darker, lighter or more yellow or red near large windows. The experienced home painters at Paintworks & Decorating are experts with paint and coloring, having long ago traded in crayons for brushes and paint rollers.

NYC Industrial Painter
Halfway point

Halfway point


Painting Industrial Facilities In Long Island City

Being based in Long Island City gives us a great opportunity to help other businesses in the bustling industrial area. This local company was moving to a new facility that desperately needed refreshing and a new identity. The client chose their brands colors to adorn the doors, trim, and walls. The exterior roll-up garage doors were covered in rust and failing coatings. We used a industrial strength wire brush to grind off the failings coatings then painted with UV resistant paint to help protect the doors longer. With our state of the art fancy-schmancy spray machine, the T-9, we were able to paint this facility in efficient fashion.

Central Park North Interior Painter
Central Park North Interior Painter.jpg

Home Painter NYC

Views of Central Park are some of the most sought after views in the city. This beautiful apartment has floor to ceiling windows facing Central Park from the north side. The views are simply stunning. Before the new homeowner moved in they wanted the apartment to feel new again. What's a great way to make an apartment feel new again? A fresh coat of paint! From top to bottom we repainted the entire apartment with Benjamin Moore Aura White. The new coat of white paint shows off how big the spaces are while taking advantage of the abundance of natural light. Clean cuts around the baseboards, columns, and chandelier were crucial. We had a great time painting this space and look forward to painting more places with spectacular views of Central Park.

Increasing Productivity Through Efficient Industrial Pipe Coating and Painting

In business, every measure that will ensure equipment and structures have a longer lifespan is as important as capital assets. Routine maintenance is a very vital aspect of any industrial company, as this enhances productivity and durability of machinery which in turn leads to an improved return on investment.

Routine maintenance of machinery comes in different ways and methods, our focus is on industrial pipe coating and painting of mechanical and boiler rooms in the industrial complex. Painting and coating in this environment serves two primary purposes, safety and maintenance. 

In manufacturing settings, pipes serve as a necessary channel for conveying either products or raw materials from one point to the other, as such; the efficiency of those channels must be guaranteed to ensure accuracy in volume and quantity of the transported substances. However, a once efficient pipe may start to lose its integrity due to eroding away of some of its components due to wear and tear or from weather elements. This could lead to a defect in manufactured products or cause injury in some scenarios.

Furthermore, the second aspect, which is the painting of mechanical or boiler rooms in the building, is very crucial also. Over the years, color-coding has been used in passing information about the type precaution and safety measures to be adopted when specific areas in the building, negligence of the information borne by these colors, could lead to serious injury.

As an industrial painting contractor with years of experience in the industry, we know the significance of pipe coating and color-coding. Pipe coating is a significant way of mitigating against the eventual damage of uncoated pipes in the long run. A coated pipeline would have the needed efficacy to resist any adverse effect that chemicals or weather elements might have on them. While color coding leads to a safer environment for all employees. 

Proper coating and paintings will translate to a lower production cost and mitigate against avoidable accidents in the industry. 

To learn more about color coding pipes correctly check out this article on ANSI by Graphic Products and this article on OSHA pipe labeling