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Brooklyn Kitchen Cabinet Painting
After painting cabinets and replacing the backsplash

After painting cabinets and replacing the backsplash

Before we started

Before we started

South Slope Cabinet Painter and Backsplash Replacement

There's no firm definition for South Slope's boundaries in Brooklyn, but Roots Cafe is here with New York-grown coffee beans, and Cafe Steinhof presents a slice of Austria with  Wiener schnitzel, cheese spaetzle and kölsch beer for starters. Some homeowners get involved in the 6/15 Green community garden, and others call in Paintworks to update their kitchen. We immediately embraced their vision of changing out dull wood kitchen cabinets with round knobs on everything for the sleek appeal of soft cream cupboard doors and drawer fronts sporting 3" contemporary hardware and a nice white subway tile backsplash.

The work began with removing old hardware, patching those holes and taking the cabinet doors to our shop where we primed them before applying 5 spray coats of tough enamel paint. Without disturbing our fine workmanship, we drilled new holes and installed the classy new hardware. We took out the backsplash and put in new tiles, then painted the cabinet edges and exposed panels before bringing back the totally new-look doors and drawers. It turned out to be kind of a jaw-dropping renovation, much more compatible with the stainless steel appliances and white counters.

Queens Cabinet Painting
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Sunnyside Cabinet Painter

Refreshing your cabinets is a challenging yet fulfilling project. This is especially when you have to fit a slim microwave into one of the cabinet spaces. We were recently tasked with installing custom shelves to make an ultra slim microwave fit. We were able to cut into the wall directly behind, allowing the cabinet to slide further back into the space. Once that was completed we sprayed the cabinets with Benjamin Moore Templeton Gray. Spraying cabinets will give you the smoothest finish. We loved the vibe in this home and enjoyed the whole process.