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Washington Square Cabinet Painter




NYC Kitchen Cabinets Professionally Renovated

We recently connected with a homeowner in the Washington Square neighborhood with a keen eye for creatively brightening the kitchen. Dark cabinets can create the illusion of a small space appearing smaller still, and this gentleman wanted lighter and brighter paired with interesting. Thus, the Chelsea Gray semi-gloss on the lower cabinets was complemented with Pure White on the top ones and the backsplash. 

We carefully disassembled the doors to be spray painted off site, while cautiously painting the cabinet structure and backsplash right in place. All the paint products were Benjamin Moore, founded in New York City in 1883 and known for its high quality. The homeowner's vision was achieved, and we were mightily pleased ourselves with the outcome once the doors were transported back and re-installed. It is indeed lighter, brighter and interesting. Mission accomplished.