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Painting Herno Flagship Store
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SoHo Retail Repair and Painting

At the age of 24, Giuseppe Marenzi was inspired by his military experience and knowledge of raincoats, geography and climate to develop a high quality functional coat. With his wife, Alessandra Diana, he started a little company whose name Herno has evolved into the hallmark of Italian luxury outerwear around the world.

 When the Herno flagship store in SoHo encountered water damage, Paintworks & Decorating was called in to repair and paint walls and restore its glamorous interior. We are as passionate about superior painting quality as Herno is about its superior jacket quality. We used a stain-killing primer and painted overnight so retail hours would not be disrupted, cautiously covering and protecting the entire space. We worked carefully and intensively, departing soon after sunrise, and Herno was back in business for its 11 a.m. opening.