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Painting Over Dark Colors




Washington Heights Apartment Painters

One homeowner felt her stomach churn every time she set foot in this eccentric lime green hallway. We like making people happy in their interior environments and were only too happy ourselves to rid her of the discomfort. There's an extra effort involved in covering dark colors, knowing precisely when the coats of paint are adequate to prevent any of the darker color beneath it to permeate even a fleck of this sour green hue. The lady was very pleased with the outcome using Benjamin Moore’s Ballet White paint. Her hallway is now clean and crisp, and she's feeling much more calm, cool and collected in her space.

Downtown Manhattan Commercial Painter

Financial District NYC Office Painter

The world of video production includes screenwriters, special effects coordinators, production assistants, camera and boom operators, technicians, gaffers, videographers and more -- a real assortment of creative minds with keen eyes and thoughtful wits to capture, edit and produce myriad videos for myriad reasons. It was in this office environment that we had one weekend to refresh the 10,000-square-foot interior to avoid any downtime.

 Maintaining fresh, clean office space is one of the top ways to facilitate employee morale, productivity and retention. In the uber innovative world of video production, it is downright imperative, and we at Paintworks are proud to have played a role in keeping those ingenious folks engaged in optimum achievements.