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Manhattan Bathroom Renovation




Gramercy Park Retrofit Full Bath to Powder Room

When our jobs extend beyond painting, we step right up to listen, understand, work and deliver what the homeowner specifies. Here we had a bathroom project which included removing a shower, walls and floor tiles at the outset. The homeowner wanted to convert a full bath into a half bath, while keeping the plumbing in place and shower body for reversing everything if a new owner wants to in the future.

 Structo-Lite® Basecoat Plaster, a lightweight, insulated, basecoat gypsum plaster with thermal conductivity, was used to level the walls before installing new porcelain tiles. We installed and centered a new sink, plus mirror, lighting and toilet. It's now a modern, sleek little half-bath with light industrial undertones.  

Flooring removal and install Queens NY

Jackson Heights Flooring Installation

Ethnic diversity takes center stage in Jackson Heights with some 167 languages spoken.Many blocks of pre-war apartment-style buildings, modeled after European structures with courtyard gardens, are bundled in a designated historic district. Linoleum (Latin for linseed oil) was invented in 1855 and can be found in some JH properties, even layers of it, as a Paintworks & Decorating crew recently discovered.

 While linoleum may have enjoyed a reputation for going down easily, it can be a bear of a job coming up. Paintworks approaches these projects with the goal of removing every snippet of old material - in this case four linoleum layers, old glue and adhesives - before patching and repairing the sub floor. Then there's an underlayment before installing hardwood boards. Everything has to be level and fit snugly. The tools and equipment are only as good as the operators, and Paintworks is expert at prepping and laying hardwood floors, allowing for expansion around the edges, and strategically placing boards with a variation at the ends that looks natural. We kind of figure this home's market value increased by multiple factors of the cost of materials and labor, and the homeowners have decades to walk on beautiful flooring from a sustainable natural resource.