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Painting Stylish Wall Stripes in NYC

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Manhattan Wall Stripe Painter

New York City is a mecca for style and fashion. The unique style of the city is not limited to just garments and art but also goes for home decorating. There are endless options when painting the interior of a home. With an NYC apartment don't let the size of the space limit the possibilities of the look and feel you can achieve through painting. One way to add a unique touch to a wall is to add decorative stripes. We're not talking about cheesy looking candy cane stripes but professional beautiful stripes that give a feel of elegance. When looking for a spark for their entryway, this homeowner chose beautiful metallic pearl vertical stripes. Unless you're an abstract artist, even spacing and even stripe width have the most importance when painting vertical lines on a wall. The striped walls now make anyone walking through the front door feel like they're walking into a high end 5th avenue store!