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Lower East Side Apartment Remodeling

NYC Skim Coating and Baseboard Installation

Before - Crumbling walls

Before - Crumbling walls

Skim coating - After 3 coats of compound plaster

Skim coating - After 3 coats of compound plaster

The finished living room! Complete with smooth walls and new baseboards!

The finished living room! Complete with smooth walls and new baseboards!

When this couple called us they were about to purchase their dream home and were about 2 months away from having their first baby. This residence was in dire need of some serious wall fixing from floor to ceiling. The walls were splotchy with paint and damaged wallboard, and plaster was loose, chipped and falling out at the floor. The home was showing major wear and tear and needed a seriously make over. It was the kind of mess we at Paintworks & Decorating are trained and experienced to remedy. 

We started by scraping all failing paint and plaster. Then we removed the old ragged baseboards. Once everything was fully scraped we applied bonding primer and began skim coating. After 3 coats of compound plaster we carefully sanded to make sure all walls and ceilings had a smooth even texture. We installed new baseboards and then painted everything with Benjamin Moore. This Manhattan historic apartment renovation was quite the challenge but looking at the home with furniture made it all worth it. The client is happy and we are grateful they trusted us to complete this project.

Upper East Side Apartment Remodeling Contractor
The Finished Product

The Finished Product

Before starting

Before starting

Yorkville Manhattan Skim Coating, Carpentry, and Painting

When this client contacted us they just purchased beautiful apartment in the Upper East Side. They were moving back into Manhattan after spending a few years in Nassau County. They were excited to be back in the Big City and looking to create an apartment that matched this excitement. The apartment needed a lot of work. Luckily the owners has an amazing eye for detail and design and was not afraid to go bold. The crowning touch was his choice of black for new crown molding and the ceiling. Talk about interior elegance! Black has always been associated with strength and power with splashes of mystique and rebellion.

The vacant rectangular room had an awesome rustic clay brick floor-to-ceiling wall and fireplace, dull floors, 2 vertical windows and common white walls in need of a good paint job. The ceiling met the wall in undecorated 90-degree angles. Embedding crown molding into this unadorned space instantly enhanced the room. Sanding and refinishing the floors brought luster and sheen back to them. We then skim coated the walls for an even texture and to make it possible to install crown molding. Once the crown molding was installed we moved to painting. We expertly painted both the ceiling and the new crown molding in jet black. Adding gold drapes and a charcoal gray sofa created a uniquely gracious space which evokes a cozy tranquility amidst the dazzling excitement of city life. We were thrilled to participate in this transformation that embraces the natural world in wood and brick and refined lifestyle statement of exquisite black, pristine white and regal gold

NYC Door and Window Frame Stripping
Manhattan Window Frame Stripping.jpg

Take decades of paint off your doors and window frames to see the beauty underneath

Stripping Paint to Reveal Distinctive Quality of Metal Doors and Window Frames. Metal doors, windows, and frames from yesteryear have all too often been painted over and over and over. As time marches on, the paint coats actually diminish the appearance of what was once fine metal craftsmanship. It’s a laborious task to remove paint layers, especially when they number in the dozens – that’s plural dozens, like somewhere between two and 50 coats of paint. Leave it to Paintworks & Decorating to take on such a monumental task stripping old metal doors and door frames and restoring their former glory.

 Metal-smithing is an ancient skill and art form beginning with crude implements and advancing across centuries to ornate architectural pieces, jewelry, coins, locks and more. Painting over metal was often done for convenience or to match or contrast with a specific decor color. Our client wanted to restore the metalwork for its beauty and authenticity. Metal doors can add real charm to your home as a headboard, art piece or function as a real door. The Big Reuse in Brooklyn is a non-profit store for salvaged and surplus building materials, and you can find interesting old metal pieces at Olde Good Things, Met Metals, Old Iron Architectural Salvage and Demolition Depot and Irreplaceable Artifacts.

When something in metal catches your eye, remember that Paintworks can restore it, paint it, re-paint it, strip it, oil it and refresh it for a conversation piece that you'll cherish for a long time.

Completely stripped door frame. Removed about 9 layers of paint then clear coated for protection.

Completely stripped door frame. Removed about 9 layers of paint then clear coated for protection.

Door and frame in the middle of the stripping process

Door and frame in the middle of the stripping process

Stacked Stone Tiling Installation NYC
Manhattan tile installation.jpg

West Village Kitchen Stone Accent Wall

West Village is lauded for its architecture, shade trees, cobblestone streets, Federal-style townhouses, enchanting shops and trendy restaurants. The Wine Hut, Spirits of Carmine and Pop the Cork Wine Merchants are faves for beer, wine and spirits, while Anine Bing and Castor & Pollux are don't-miss boutiques. It is sophisticated and edgy, classy and funky, akin to a stunning stacked stone interior wall that Paintworks & Decorating recently installed in a West Village kitchen.

 Also called ledge stone, this horizontal rock installation backs into weep screed or metal lath and takes a knowledgeable crew and finely-tuned hands to prep the wall, manage the adhesive and place the stones precisely where they will each complement one another in the overall scheme. Stonework is sophisticated for its timeless appeal. It is, after all, one of the oldest materials on earth and comes in myriad shapes, colors and textures. It is edgy to integrate stacked stone into a modern kitchen. Classy applies comfortably to all natural rock formations, and the ledge stone with its rough 3-D edges projects a funky kind of wow factor. Paintworks also laid new flooring, strategically placing it down before building the stacked stone wall above it. When a creative wave of interior upgrades strikes your fancy, remember that Paintworks & Decorating, based in Manhattan, can guide your whims and deliver impressive results.

Gramercy Park Interior Painter

NYC Condo Painter

This Manhattan client was looking to refresh their living space going into the Spring and we were happy they called us. We love painting in historic buildings and this building was no exception. Complete with a hand operated elevator this 100+ year old apartment took extra time and attention painting around the original marble fireplace. The room has many large windows and the White Dove color chosen was a perfect fit with the walls and moldings. Being a painting contractor in the Gramercy Park neighborhood we greatly enjoy painting on Lexington Avenue, Park Avenue, and surrounding streets.

Painting Radiator Covers Lower East Side Manhattan
After spraying with HVLP machine

After spraying with HVLP machine

Before painting

Before painting

NYC Furnace Cover Painter

This client was looking to brighten up their new home. In the process of painting the the entire interior of their Manhattan apartment we noticed how large and dark the radiator covers were in the bedroom and living room. We took the front panels off and sprayed them with an HVLP spray machine. We then careful masked around the floor and windows before spraying the built in pieces. The difference is drastic and really helped bring the room together. It was an important detail in the grand scheme. The room feels more modern now and the client is happy!

Flooring removal and install Queens NY

Jackson Heights Flooring Installation

Ethnic diversity takes center stage in Jackson Heights with some 167 languages spoken.Many blocks of pre-war apartment-style buildings, modeled after European structures with courtyard gardens, are bundled in a designated historic district. Linoleum (Latin for linseed oil) was invented in 1855 and can be found in some JH properties, even layers of it, as a Paintworks & Decorating crew recently discovered.

 While linoleum may have enjoyed a reputation for going down easily, it can be a bear of a job coming up. Paintworks approaches these projects with the goal of removing every snippet of old material - in this case four linoleum layers, old glue and adhesives - before patching and repairing the sub floor. Then there's an underlayment before installing hardwood boards. Everything has to be level and fit snugly. The tools and equipment are only as good as the operators, and Paintworks is expert at prepping and laying hardwood floors, allowing for expansion around the edges, and strategically placing boards with a variation at the ends that looks natural. We kind of figure this home's market value increased by multiple factors of the cost of materials and labor, and the homeowners have decades to walk on beautiful flooring from a sustainable natural resource.

Midtown West Manhattan Property Management Painter
Midtown Manhattan NYC Interior Painting contractor.png

NYC Rental Painting Contractor

One of the most thoughtful things a property manager or homeowner can do before renting a property is to have the walls painted white. Paintworks & Decorating based in Manhattan is the perfect painting contractor to achieve this bright, fresh, clean interior. White reflects maximum light and even offers a kind of emotional new start for prospective tenants. People move for a variety of reasons, and many of them need not only a clean slate interior, but also the atmosphere that exudes radiance and glows with optimism and hope. White can do that more than any other color as evidenced by this recent Midtown West paint project.  

No matter what shade of white - and Paintworks is happy to guide your decision here - all the decorative styles are a match from the get go. Of course, contemporary, modern, minimalist and sleek scream white, but rustic flea market finds in old wood, painted tin or salvaged metal stand out for their contrast with white. From traditional, Victorian, midcentury, Craftsman and Asian to the newly revered industrial, shabby chic and Scandinavian designs, white backdrops accentuate the fabrics and furnishings of all. Especially Scandinavian. Other thoughtful things include a simple rental application, easy-to-understand lease and fresh flowers or donuts on move-in day.

Upper East Side Manhattan Wallpapering Contractor

NYC Professional Wallpaper Hanging

Upper East Side Manhattan has been dubbed the Gold Coast and Silk Stocking District. It is renown for arts and culture with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Guggenheim Museum, El Museo del Barrio, the Jewish Museum and more. The rich and famous, along with the modest and lesser known, adore Central Park, the comedy clubs, shopping, nightlife and restaurants. It is in this elegant setting that one local homeowner recently contacted Paintworks & Decorating to add a very sharp, black and white wallpaper in the kitchen and bathroom.

 The project began with washing then prepping the walls for smoothness and optimum adherence characteristics. Paintworks always applies R-35® Clear Adhesion-Promoting Wallpaper Primer which not only dries clear with a permanent tackiness (sticky, not sleazy), but also minimal odor, cleans up with water and rates zero on the VOC scale. The rooms already had white tile and a black tile border, so adding wallpaper with geometrical black and white shapes kept the sharp contrast for which black and white are often chosen. The geometric pattern reaches into our sense of order and embraces our comfort in repetition. The Paintworks crew was very happy with the result because it looked really cool with a fun, illusion-like quality. It doesn't make you cross your eyes or anything, but it does get your attention in an unexpected, mischievous way.

Tribeca NYC Condo Painter
Tribeca Interior painter.jpg
Downtown Manhattan Interior Painting.jpg

Manhattan Interior Painting Contractor

Painting in TriBeCa is always a fun experience. TriBeCa, which stands for "Triangle Below Canal Street," sports a past meets present vibe. Architecturally significant buildings exhibit art deco, cast iron and beaux arts features. Interestingly, there are also comfortable urban chic vibes in and around the shopping and dining scenes where small business owners often know customers by name. It's cozy; it's gorgeous. Besides the smell of bread baking and an uncluttered environment, freshly painted walls and sparkling clean grout contribute mightily to those coveted positive first impressions of home buyers. In a real estate market where most prices have seven digits left of the decimal point, first impressions are v.e.r.y  i.m.p.o.r.t.a.n.t. And that's why Paintworks & Decorating was contacted - to freshly paint and newly grout a condo interior before being listed for sale.

 The area was beautiful around this large, 3-BR home, and the seller chose white for its universal appeal. The interior almost instantly brightened under the experienced Paintworks hands expertly maneuvering paint brushes, rollers and grout trowels. White is clean and fresh and reflects maximum light for a spacious interior feel. Additionally, any prospective buyer can visualize art, furnishings and fabric in pastel colors, bold and beautiful hues or more shades of neutral tones complementing the simplicity of white. We also re-grouted all the bathroom tile sprucing up those spaces. Paintworks doesn't share in any commission for the sale, but we know we were an important part of the process.

NYC Commercial Logo Painter

Brooklyn Retail Painting Adidas Logo in Williamsburg

When this property management company called us they were looking to rent out the new commercial space they just built in Williamsburg. They wanted to show Adidas they would be right at home in this Flagship location. We were there the next day to paint the classic Adidas logo on the wall in one day. Impressing both the management and Adidas as they ended up renting the space! Very fun and cool project! Very grateful we had this opportunity.

Forest Hills Co-Op Painter

 Painting a Multi-Building Co-op in Queens

Fresh coats of paint set the stage for a classy kind of co-op lifestyle in Queens. This largest of the Big Apple boroughs geographically boasts an uber diverse population hovering around 2.4 million. Home to both JFK and LaGuardia airports, the sky space is one of the busiest in the country. Those with a window seat cannot see inside buildings as they ascend or descend in a jet airplane, but if they could, their eyes and smiles would widen gazing at one of Paintworks & Decorating’s recent jobs.

We tackled everything from stairwells, stair spindles and hand rails to doors and door frames in a multi-building co-op property. The advantage of being a shareholder resident is having a say in everything including maintenance, and it was obvious from the get-go that these co-op dwellers take seriously having professionally painted spaces. The buildings in this complex are connected, and our work in the common spaces and lobbies lends continuity to the property. We at Paintworks were especially honored to arrive on site with our paints, rollers, brushes, buckets, ladders and all the stuff that jobs like this requires. In an orderly fashion, we proceeded, giving particular attention to stair spindles and hand rails, keeping paint where paint belongs and then skim coating walls for a smooth finish. And that’s also what we wish for everyone in those airplanes over Queens, a smooth finish as in a safe landing.