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Cliffside Park Interior Painting

New Jersey New Home Painter

Cliffside Park, N.J., a borough within Bergen County, exudes an urban atmosphere more closely aligned with Brooklyn or Queens than the Garden State. It sits on natural, riverside cliffs dubbed the Palisades, and Anderson Avenue boasts shops which opened 60, 70 and 80 years ago, alongside fun boutiques and intriguing eateries.  

It was in this appealing environment that enthusiastic homeowners called in Paintworks to refine their new home. They chose to paint the living room all white for its universal neutrality to showcase art, fabric and furnishings. The foyer sports a new coat of medium pewter gray with fresh coats of white paint on the trim to accentuate a new entry warmth. We very carefully painted every riser up the staircase to create an elegant white contrast with the black steps, spindles and railing.

 We have the experience and expertise to craft straight clear lines that delineate trim from walls with precision and stair risers from steps. That kind of proficiency is what makes the final statement in this house - and everywhere else we work - one of pure class and urban sophistication.

Queens Cabinet Painting
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Tiny PNG.jpeg

Sunnyside Cabinet Painter

Refreshing your cabinets is a challenging yet fulfilling project. This is especially when you have to fit a slim microwave into one of the cabinet spaces. We were recently tasked with installing custom shelves to make an ultra slim microwave fit. We were able to cut into the wall directly behind, allowing the cabinet to slide further back into the space. Once that was completed we sprayed the cabinets with Benjamin Moore Templeton Gray. Spraying cabinets will give you the smoothest finish. We loved the vibe in this home and enjoyed the whole process.

Interior Painting In Manhattan
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Greenwich Village Interior Painting

Greenwich Village is one of the coolest and most historic places to live in New York City. The Village use to be known as an epicenter for the American Bohemia movement of the early and mid-20th century. These two rooms were painted with Farrow and Ball, which is one of the best paints to use because it has less binding agents, less water and more of all the important pigments. We were thrilled that we were able to paint this historic house.

Brooklyn Floor Painter

Painting Floors In Williamsburg Condo

Having beautiful floors is a must. Especially in a nice Apartment space in Brooklyn. We wanted to make sure that anyone who enters this place is quickly impressed. Floor painting takes a lot but there’s nothing we can’t handle. This floor was originally gray, and we applied two coats of primer, two coats of super white floor paint and then three coats of Bona high traffic clear. Remember that floor painting does take some time to dry. Especially when it’s a Bona high traffic clear which can take up to 6-8 hours to and another, three days or more to fully cure.

Brooklyn Metal Painter

Bay Ridge Exterior Metal Fence Painter

One of our clients in Bay Ridge loves for the outside of their buildings to look just as good as the inside so, they wanted a fresh new look for their exterior. We first started off by scrapping off the rust and failing coatings. Before painting the metal fence we added a rust converter primer and painted the fence with two coats of UV resistant coatings If you didn’t know, Bay Ridge is an upper/middle class neighborhood and is known for a strong military presence in the U.S. Bay Ridge is also one of the best places to live in New York City.

Wallpaper Installation New York City
Manhattan Wallpaper installers.png
Upper West Side Wallpapering.png

Upper West Side Manhattan Wallpapering

Wow we love this wallpaper style! It completely changed the vibe of the bedroom and living room of this client’s Upper West Side home. The wallpapered accent walls really bring new life and vibe to the space. Very grateful they have such a great eye to choose such beautiful uniquely themed wallpaper. The top picture is of the bedroom and the bottom picture of the living room. We look forward to more amazing paper hanging projects in the Upper West Side.

Upper East Side Fire Escape Painter
After grinding, priming and painting

After grinding, priming and painting

Before we started. You can see the rust and failing coatings at bottom of the landing

Before we started. You can see the rust and failing coatings at bottom of the landing

NYC Fire Escape Violation Correction

This building owner contacted us after receiving a violation from the city regarding the condition of the fire escapes. In order to correct the situation and avoid future violations we began by grinding off failing coatings and rust with orbital grinder. We then primed the fire escapes with rust converter and painted with uv resistant industrial coatings to help the fire escapes withstand the elements. This satisfied the city requirements bringing the fire escapes back up to code. Maintenance for fire escapes is important due to the sun exposure and weather elements like rain and snow. We were happy to tackle this project.

NYC Wood paneling Painter
After many coats of spraying

After many coats of spraying

In the midst of the painting process

In the midst of the painting process

Before we started

Before we started


Basement Wood Paneling Spraying

This client was looking to updated their wood paneled basement with a fresh start. We love spraying projects and were happy to jump on board. After covering the floors with brown construction paper we began spraying the paneling with Fresh Start Primer. After 2 coats of primer we moved to the finish coats. 2 coats of finish had this basement feeling renewed. It brightened up the space and gave the basement a more contemporary feel. The finished looks great. We paint it all!

Park Slope Exterior House Painting
Before we started

Before we started

The lovely freshly painted exterior!

The lovely freshly painted exterior!

Exterior Home Painter New York City

When the weather is amazing there is no better project than painting the outside of a house. This house in Brooklyn hadn’t been painted in over 30 years and paint had started to fail off in bunches. We started by stripping all the failing paint areas as power washing would’ve damaged the house siding. Using a boom lift we were able to reach all areas of the house and paint with precision. The client chose a bold color that looks makes the house look completely new! We love the direction they chose and were very happy to help them. The finished product made the client literally say “Wow!” Very grateful to be an exterior painter in the Park Slope and Prospect Park area.

Chelsea Manhattan Residential Painter
Chelsea Manhattan Interior Painting.jpg

NYC Home Painter

After removing the wallpaper in this west side home, we cleaned off the glue residue and primed the walls. We then painted the walls with Benjamin Moore Simply White which really makes this beautiful antique sofa really pop!

Westchester County Cabinet Painter
Finished cabinets after 6 coats

Finished cabinets after 6 coats

Before we started

Before we started

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Westchester

We had the chance to use the awesome Benjamin Moore color Knoxville Gray and it turned out great! This client went bold and it paid off! Fresh with new cabinet hardware this quick 4 day project brought a complete new energy to their kitchen. After the doors were sprayed with 6 coats and fine grit sanding they were ready to be reinstalled. We then painted the cabinet webbing and frame and put the doors back in. Very grateful to paint such a nice Westchester kitchen.

Lower East Side Apartment Remodeling

NYC Skim Coating and Baseboard Installation

Before - Crumbling walls

Before - Crumbling walls

Skim coating - After 3 coats of compound plaster

Skim coating - After 3 coats of compound plaster

The finished living room! Complete with smooth walls and new baseboards!

The finished living room! Complete with smooth walls and new baseboards!

When this couple called us they were about to purchase their dream home and were about 2 months away from having their first baby. This residence was in dire need of some serious wall fixing from floor to ceiling. The walls were splotchy with paint and damaged wallboard, and plaster was loose, chipped and falling out at the floor. The home was showing major wear and tear and needed a seriously make over. It was the kind of mess we at Paintworks & Decorating are trained and experienced to remedy. 

We started by scraping all failing paint and plaster. Then we removed the old ragged baseboards. Once everything was fully scraped we applied bonding primer and began skim coating. After 3 coats of compound plaster we carefully sanded to make sure all walls and ceilings had a smooth even texture. We installed new baseboards and then painted everything with Benjamin Moore. This Manhattan historic apartment renovation was quite the challenge but looking at the home with furniture made it all worth it. The client is happy and we are grateful they trusted us to complete this project.